2023: our year in a nutshell 

Proud to be Joivy

2023 has been an incredible year for us, an exciting milestone in our company's history that deserves to be celebrated. Here are the words of our CEO, Valerio Fonseca who revisits all we have achieved and looks eagerly toward the future.  

“After months of working in utmost secrecy, we can finally say it out loud: Joivy!  

Some may wonder if what we’ve been through was merely a rebranding, but the answer is clear: it was not. We laid the foundations for a new entity, a bold vision that brought to life the first platform in the European landscape to seamlessly combine, through the expertise of DoveVivo, ALTIDO, and Chez Nestor, residential solutions for both long, medium and short-term – from co-living to micro-living, student accommodations to holiday homes, and multifamily residences – with a wide range of services for property owners and investors, ranging from complete asset management to Design&Build services and support for real estate investments.  

This goes beyond a mere name change; it declares our commitment to the future. 

Why did we embark on this journey? Because pioneering is in our DNA.   

When we gathered with the wider team in 2022 to define our new values, "pioneering" was immediately identified as one of them. And now it is up to us to remain true to ourselves, pioneering in our business.

The second key value we embraced is "partnership": we aim to be a partner for the real estate world, a reference point for property owners or those investing in the living sector. And for our clients? We want to offer them easier access to thousands of homes across Europe. Our 4,000 solutions in 50 cities are a living space they can call home for days, weeks, months, or years; we want to be the company that helps them choose their space and takes care of it. This year, nearly 200 thousand people have crossed the threshold of our properties.  

Our third value, "welcome," is fundamental to Joivy. We want to welcome and embrace the new talents gradually joining the project, our clients, our landlords. And it is no coincidence that we opened access to our home par excellence, our headquarter. In 2023, Open, our co-working space in Milan welcomed so many professionals and hosted a remarkable 350 events!

We like to be an open company, an open community, integrated with the society: this is the wealth of our Group.

This year, we can say we have fulfilled the promises we made in 2021 when, alongside Starwood's entry as an investor, we announced our intention to:  

- evolve the business model from coliving to integrated living

- strengthen the company's internationalisation plan

- integrate high-value-added services

But that's not all: the year concludes with extraordinary numbers with a turnover that has almost tripled since 2021.

Back to our values, our fourth one, "trust," is crucial for Joivy's future. Ours is a digital platform made of technology and innovation combined with a human touch made of real people (our customers, owners, suppliers, partners) and a team that shows up. Even in the age of dematerialization, trust is an inescapable human need to which we want to respond.

To conclude on a professional but also personal note: the world in which we operate is complex and the problems we face change every day. This requires flexibility, even more when the project you’re working on is evolving and growing like Joivy.

I think the biggest asset of this Group is its team, strong, funny and extraordinary people with a huge energy and strong values.

foto gruppo evento Joivy


I want to thank all my colleagues for the passion with which they work every day and for the energy with which we develop this project together, always keeping it an open and creative construction site to make it evolve. I thank you all for the energy you enrich me with, for all the time we spend together, and for everything you teach me daily. I could not dream of anything better in my professional and entrepreneurial life.

See you next year to rock together again!"

Valerio Fonseca,   CEO