Budget 2024: several changes for housing

Italian Budget 2024: several changes for housing 

The Italian Senate Budget Committee has recently concluded the review of amendments to the 2024 Budget, introducing significant modifications to the Italian real estate landscape, with a focus on taxation, benefits for families, and measures against housing distress.

Saving energy in the home

Energy saving at home: small steps for big environmental and economic benefits 

Energy saving at home is a practice that not only helps reduce bills but also plays a crucial role in conserving natural resources and decreasing environmental impact. With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, more people are adopting sustainable lifestyles, starting right from their own living spaces.

ristrutturazione casa

Home renovation guide: from idea to reality 

Renovating your home presents an exciting opportunity to transform your living space, adapting it to your needs and lifestyle. However, before embarking on this journey, it's essential to carefully plan each phase of the process, from project conception to completion.

Dati 2023

Joivy triples turnover in two years after closing 2023 at €110 million

Joivy closed last year with a Gross Booking Value of €160 million and a revenue of €110 million – a threefold increase compared to the 40 million recorded in 2021, and, looking at the ever-changing world of living, has identified the five key trends we will see in the industry in 2024, across Europe.

Proud to be Joivy

2023: our year in a nutshell 

2023 has been an incredible year for us, an exciting milestone in our company's history that deserves to be celebrated. Here are the words of our CEO, Valerio Fonseca who revisits all we have achieved and looks eagerly toward the future.  

Le tendenze dell'arredamento per il 2024

Interior design trends for 2024

Interior design is a constantly evolving field that reflects the cultural, social, and technological trends of the moment. While 2023 emphasized sustainability, minimalism, and past-inspired design, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of expression and diversity in home decor.