Entry into the student housing market


Founded in 2000 by Andrea Galardi and Federico Galardi, Rtmliving is a Florentine company specialising in medium-term accommodation that has been developing in Italy since 2000 in the consolidation in industrial form of the world of student halls of residence and recorded a turnover of around €6 million in 2018.

Its 'independent but not alone' formula combines the autonomy and comfort of micro-living with the sharing of common areas within structures designed to create community.


Thanks to this acquisition, our core business expands into the student housing market, flanking its historical stronghold of co-living apartments and thus managing two segments of student and youth hospitality.


Valerio Fonseca, Founder and CEO of DoveVivo (now part of the Joivy Group), believes that "With this acquisition we are exponentially expanding our community, providing it with physical meeting and reference hubs, certain that it is the most important asset we have at our disposal".

Federico Galardi, founding partner of Rtmliving, adds that "DoveVivo (now part of the Joivy Group) is the right partner for Rtmliving because it shares our objectives and vision of the market in a synergic way".

To date, DoveVivo Campus by Joivy has a portfolio of 13 sky-ground facilities in Milan, Bologna, Venice, Ferrara, Como, Trieste, Parma, Siena for over 15,000 beds.