Joivy Investments is born

Nasce Joivy Investments

Introducing the partner for real estate investment

The traditional concept of home as a "nest," a refuge where one chooses to live, is giving way to a new perspective.

In this new context, Joivy Investments' innovative approach recognizes that homes have become a strategic vehicle for building a robust and diversified real estate portfolio. The platform can identify the best investment opportunities—whether a single apartment, an entire building, or an urban regeneration project—and provide tailored advice and solutions that maximize investment returns based on the needs and preferences of investors.

Simplify investments with Joivy Investments

Joivy Investments is a platform capable of efficiently matching supply and demand by connecting property owners and real estate investors of all sizes. The company aims to simplify residential real estate investments by offering, thanks to its decades-long experience in the industry, a comprehensive package of clear information on sales and rental prices, efficient renovations, management costs, and profit prospects.

Joivy Investments' innovative approach, combined with Joivy's full management model (including Design&Build, Property Management, Marketing, assistance, and maintenance services), makes this platform unique and revolutionary. It aims to redefine the methods of residential real estate investment. The company proposes a circular economy model for residential properties that, starting from the assets of property owners to be redeveloped, identifies investors, guides renovations and management, offers properties to end-users, and maintains them before presenting them to future investors.

The project, therefore, aims to meet the needs of property owners and real estate investors:

  • Response to buying and selling: Facilitates the purchase and sale of critical, aged, or long-standing real estate stocks.

  • Response to asset enhancement: Aims to enhance real estate assets through the Design & Build service, which helps renew and furnish properties according to the target market and in compliance with new sustainability regulations.

  • Response to profitability: Maximizes rental income through Joivy's digital and professional management.

Flavio Angeletti, Managing Director of Joivy Investments, declares, "I am excited to preview our platform to the Italian real estate market and offer its services to our property owner and investor clients. Through a significant development and communication strategy, we aim to innovate and simplify the world of residential investments, initially with a pilot project in Italy but with an already planned international expansion. The goal is ambitious, but we will work towards achieving the maximum digitization of buying and selling processes, without forgetting the importance of human value, both of customers and the Joivy Investments team, which starts with key figures for the launch but foresees continuous and structured growth with the entry of new talents for various technological, commercial, and operational expertise."

The logo and visual identity of Joivy Investments, in line with Joivy's brand identity, were created with the support of CB’A Italia, a branding agency, part of WPP, a global leader in communication services. The technological setup, website, management software, and the image of the new platform were curated by TECMA Solutions, a publicly traded company on the Italian stock market specializing in Real Estate Business Innovation. TECMA's approach ensures that Joivy Investments' new digital platform reflects not only its solidity and professionalism but also the innovation and futuristic vision it brings to the real estate sector.

Pietro Adduci, CEO of TECMA, states, "Proud to have participated in the launch of this unprecedented entrepreneurial initiative, where the Joivy Group's vision will be supported by our technology and user experience. Joivy Investments fills a market gap and once again demonstrates the breadth of innovation spaces within the Italian and European Real Estate sector."