Joivy is born 

lancio Joivy

Joivy is the new brand name and identity given to the group that is composed of DoveVivo, ALTIDO and Chez Nestor.

As the first comprehensive residential platform in Europe, Joivy offers a range of living spaces to its users - co-living, micro-living, student housing, short term stay, multifamily and co-working - and supports owners and investors with a full range of services ranging from complete asset management, to Design & Build services and real estate investments.

Joivy unites the unparalleled experience of leading companies in the co-living, short-term letting and student housing sectors and combines the knowledge, resources, and development plans, to create an extensive platform that brings the European residential market together in one place.

Joivy offers both a wide range of advisory and management services to property owners and prospective property owners, as well as a large portfolio of flexible living spaces to guests looking for both short and medium-long term stays.

Valerio Fonseca, CEO and Co-Founder of DoveVivo said: "The launch of Joivy represents an exciting moment and a fundamental turning point in our company's history. With Joivy we finally present ourselves as a single group at an international level, a unique offering in the European landscape as well as the privileged partner for anyone operating or wishing to invest in living".

Joivy brings together the decades of experience and expertise of DoveVivo, ALTIDO and Chez Nestor under one identity and boasts a portfolio of 4,000 units located in 50 destinations and six countries.

Joivy for Owners and Investors

Joivy offers owners and investors comprehensive and effective asset management to optimise their returns and asset value. Joivy manages single apartments as well as entire buildings and urban regeneration projects.

With its Design & Build service, the group supports the design, renovation and furnishing of properties with a clear focus on sustainability and environmental impact. These aspects are increasingly important in order to reduce operating costs and, consequently, to grow the value in the medium and long term.

Due to its track record and in-depth knowledge of the industry and market dynamics, Joivy also guides private and institutional investors in the real estate investment processes to make them more streamlined, clear, and accessible, and to maximise returns.

Joivy for those looking for a space to live in

Joivy was created with the primary objective of providing guests with one platform that offers a complete range of living spaces and manages residential experiences whether for a few days, a month, or even a year.

Whatever the reason for the trip, Joivy allows anyone to have easy access to a wide and all-inclusive offering of housing solutions from co- living and micro-living to student housing, short term stay and multifamily. Joivy responds to different needs in terms of time and lifestyle and, at the same time, offers the advantages of an international community and numerous accessory services (coworking, events, etc.).

The simplified living

For guests, owners and investors, Joivy simplifies complexity in a market that is fragmented and constantly evolving, with a positive and future-oriented approach.

The new logo enhances the modernity of an international brand with a clean, contemporary design that evokes a sense of community and progress. This important rebranding work, which aims to spread a new culture in the world of living, was conducted with the support of CB'A Italia, an agency specialising in branding, part of WPP, a global leader in communication services.