New 5,000sqm building in Rome for students


We have reached an agreement with Fabrica Immobiliare SGR, an independent real estate fund manager and one of the key players in Italy specializing in managing real estate funds for institutional investors. The agreement is for the redevelopment and restructuring of a building consisting of 3 units, totaling approximately 5,000 square meters.

The building is located at 152 Viale Marconi in Rome, in the southwest area of the capital, a densely populated residential neighborhood with a significant presence of services. The location is strategic due to its immediate proximity to the University of Rome Tre, one of the main university centers in the city, and the "Marconi" metro station on the blue line, connecting Eur, the historical center, Tufello via Tiburtina, and the area of La Sapienza University.

The building, to be completely renovated both externally and internally, is part of a major redevelopment project. The plan includes the construction of 61 apartments, totaling 160 rooms, intended for students and scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024. There will be various types of apartments, from single-person studios to shared apartments with 3 rooms, shared and private kitchens and bathrooms.The structure will feature a beautiful communal terrace with a view of the city.

Following the redevelopment project of the Ex-Filanda in San Giovanni in Laterano, the Group secures another important metropolitan area in the capital with the Marconi Residence.

With this agreement, the successful collaboration with Fabrica Immobiliare SGR continues, who already have 10 apartments in Milan, totaling 62 beds and around 1,000 square meters, and 8 in Rome, totaling 54 beds and approximately 1,500 square meters.


Valerio Fonseca, Founder and CEO of the Group, states: "We are proud of this urban redevelopment and restructuring project in collaboration with Fabrica Immobiliare SGR, our partner in other significant projects. In Rome, this is currently our most important building for coliving, designed and built to meet the growing demand for housing from university students and young workers. With the recent acquisition of the building on Via Marconi, we now have a total of over 700 beds, further consolidating our presence in the capital and the commitment to continue investing in a city we believe in."