New student residence opened in Ferrara


The renovation project involved three historical buildings that were previously almost entirely unused, enhancing their unique features. The building's atrium was transformed into a spacious study hall, while the upper floors feature deluxe rooms with a fireplace and coffered ceilings. Ferrara's ability to attract students from other regions and countries is enriched by a new range of housing solutions that combine functionality, valuable services (24/7 assistance, maintenance), and all the benefits of belonging to a community.

The project, made possible with the financial contribution of BPER, involved transforming the properties purchased by WorBas RE S.r.l. in June 2019 into residential structures. The work began in the early months of 2020, following the input of the municipal administration, which had highlighted the shortage of off-campus accommodation for students in Ferrara.

"We live in a world today that is undergoing profound transformation, where consumption models based on ownership are increasingly shifting towards those based on service usage. Younger generations seek flexible and functional housing solutions that meet the needs related to job mobility, urbanization, and new lifestyles. Our solutions have experienced strong demand, even in Ferrara, because they can reconcile the need for privacy and tranquility with cohabitation within a community that allows for collecting and sharing experiences," says Federico Galardi, Building Director of DoveVivo (now part of the Joivy Group), adding, "We are proud of the project that has been carried out in Ferrara, with the contribution of the administration, Worbas, and many others who accompanied us in this challenge."


The Campus is located within a single structure composed of 3 different units near the historic center: Il Chiozzino - a residence built in the 1980s, the ancient Poliambulanza - a historic building, and the famous Palazzo Palmiroli-Chiozzi – a building named after hydraulic engineer Bartolomeo di Antonio Chiozzi who acquired the building between the 17th and 18th centuries, now protected by the city's Superintendent. The renovation project has preserved the personality of these historic buildings, seeking to enhance their unique features. Noteworthy are the study hall, originally the building's atrium, and some rooms on the upper floors enhanced by the fireplace and coffered ceilings. Entering the DoveVivo (now part of the Joivy Group) branded Campus will mean being enchanted by the charm of history and, at the same time, enjoying the modernity of the spaces.

The Campus offers both private solutions - with a kitchen and independent bathroom perfect for one or two people - and single rooms within apartments to be shared with other tenants. All solutions are fully furnished, equipped with every comfort, and allow for privacy for study and work activities. Co-livers can experience the community through common areas such as the study hall, video room, gym, or inner patio. The rent includes utilities, Wi-Fi, dedicated customer care, maintenance, 24/7 assistance, reception with day and night service, air conditioning and heating, and an innovative video access and common area control system to ensure safety for all guests.

The structure is located in a quiet area close to the University, green areas, and easily accessible by car - 10 minutes from the A1 highway exit - with easy parking. Moreover, the location is suitable for cycling, a very popular means of transportation in the bicycle city, with one of the highest usage rates in Europe.