Open: A Versatile Location


Open (now part of the Joivy Group) is a modern, flexible, and welcoming space with coworking stations, meeting rooms, a beautiful terrace, and a bistro. As pleasant as a home but as functional as a workspace and meeting place, this location is the perfect spot to forge connections and meet young professionals, companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and students who choose this space for both professional and personal needs. A location that also houses the Group's headquarters.


On the first floor, there are approximately 50 coworking stations, meeting rooms of various customizable sizes, and a bistro that not only offers coffee, lunches, and aperitifs but also completes the offerings for corporate events with a tailored catering service for the guests. On the second floor, there is a splendid terrace spanning over 180 sqm for private and corporate events and the largest meeting room capable of accommodating up to 80 people equipped with top-notch direction and videoconferencing systems.

Intimate corners, comfortable sofas, phone booths for private moments, large communal tables for shared meals, colorful details, harmonious shapes, but also technology and rooms equipped with the best direction and videoconferencing systems. Open also has a packed calendar of events open to all; educational, cultural, as well as playful and entertaining moments will be included. These will be supplemented by initiatives from companies and individuals who are already choosing the location as a set for their projects.


The renovation was carried out by Inhouse Design, a team composed of young graduates from both the Polytechnic University of Milan and the finest Interior Design schools in Europe. The choice of wood and warm tones, the mix of seating, and pendant lights have created an environment where one can feel at home—a "flawed" place, typical of lived-in spaces. Emerging brands were chosen for other furnishings, and custom-made furniture was created to enhance certain areas like the bar and adjacent tables that facilitate connections. In addition to central tables, several lateral workstations were designed to make the most of the beautiful natural light. To decorate the meeting rooms, illustrations were commissioned to Renée Melo, a Brazilian illustrator, depicting cities that give their names to the meeting rooms.


Valerio Fonseca, Founder and CEO of DoveVivo (now part of the Joivy Group), states that "Open is the natural evolution of a project that aims to offer the international community an increasingly wide range of innovative and integrated services related to living and vacation homes, foremost of which is the possibility to enjoy a physical space to create relationships, work, and study with flexible solutions over time. We want to simplify the lives of people and our clients, and we believe that Open is a significant step forward in this strategically important direction for us."

"We were inspired by some simple concepts; simplify processes, avoid waste of materials, and create a warm and functional environment," says Laura Sundin, Director of Design & Build at DoveVivo (now part of the Joivy Group). "The existing industrial structure was a true container that allowed designers and architects to focus on content, design, color palettes, and lights to create a domestic, intimate, and welcoming space."