Welcome to Birmingham!

Welcome Birmingham

Following our historic presence in London, thanks to our subsidiary ALTIDO (now part of Joivy Group) - specializing in short-term rentals - we are launching our business in Birmingham with a full 1,200 sqm multi-storey building comprising 24 apartments designed for flexible stays, ranging from a few days to medium-long periods. This venture has been made possible through a partnership with Elevate Property Group, a prestigious English company with 30 years of experience in the design, planning, and construction of commercial and residential spaces.

The building, set to open at the end of February 2023, is located in the "Jewellery Quarter," a historic district renowned for its cultural and commercial activities. Each apartment features a newly renovated independent kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, and work and study spaces capable of meeting all the needs of a nomadic audience that loves to travel and work wherever they are.

The city has witnessed a 7% population growth in the last 10 years, a figure exceeding the overall growth rate of England. Birmingham is indeed the second largest contributor to the country's GDP and stands as the second business hub after the capital. Many multinational companies have established offices in the city with thousands of employees, generating a strong demand for housing solutions and attracting the interest of numerous investors.

Furthermore, Birmingham enjoys a strategic location that will bring it even closer to the capital; the city is at the heart of the new high-speed railway line, allowing travelers to reach London in just a 45-minute journey.


Giulio Limongelli, Managing Director of DoveVivo (now part of Joivy Group), states: "We are thrilled to have expanded our market into one of the most exciting cities in the United Kingdom, a destination chosen not only by digital nomads traveling for work or pleasure but also by students, drawn by the 10% increase in commercial activities over the last 5 years. In fact, 46% of the population is under 30, and forecasts suggest a continuous influx of young people. We are confident that our offerings can meet the need for flexible housing solutions, providing all the comforts and located in strategic areas of the city. We hope this first building is just the beginning of new developments in the city."